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Living Social Voucher/FAQ

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Thank you for buying my deal on Living Social, here are some questions and answers that might help you!

Q: What kind of deal did I get?

A: You got an awesome deal! One hour on location photo shoot with me, one 8×10 print, access to online gallery (where you can purchase additional prints, gifts, etc.), CD with the proofs for web use.

Q: So how many photos will I get to pick my 8×10 from?

A: On average you will get anywhere from 30-50 images

Q: I want my shoot in studio, can you do that?

A: The deal you purchased is for an on location photo shoot only.  Meaning it can take place at a park, at the beach, your backyard, etc.

Q: Will the image I pick as my 8×10 print be retouched?

A: Yes.

Q: What size are the images I get on CD? Are they high resolution? Will I be able to get prints from them?

A: The images on the cd are resized images for web use only.  They will not produce a high quality print.

Q: What if I want to order more prints?

A: You are welcome to order more prints from the online gallery

Q: What if I want to purchase a CD with all the photos from my shoot in high resolution?

A: You can do that for an additional fee of $200.00

Q: I live in OC, will you come there?

A: If your address is within the 30 mile radius of 90046 zip code then yes I can come to you.

Q: When can I schedule my photo session? Do you book sessions on weekends?

A: Over 400 people took advantage of my Living Social promotion so the next few months will be busy.  I will try to accommodate everyone’s request but we might have to schedule your session a month or two in advance. I book a very limited amount of photo sessions on weekends and a of right now I don’t have any weekend appointments available for the next few months.

Q: I left a message but I haven’t heard a call back yet?

A: The staff at Lana Kats Photography consists of one person – me.  I am the one who returns emails and calls and schedules appointments.  I spend my days shooting and my evenings editing photos, so sometimes I may not be able to call you back for a few days. But I do call everyone back. I tend to reply to emails sooner so if you can, send me an email instead.  Thanks!

Q: I really want my picture taken asap, is there a cancellation list in case someone cancels on their shoot and you might be able to squeeze me in instead?

A: Best way to find out my schedule or if I have any cancellations is via my facebook fan page.  I will post on there if I get any cancellations and if you follow me you will know the latest info!

CANCELLATION POLICY – I know in life things come up last second and you might need to cancel or reschedule our photo session.  If you need to cancel please let me know at least 24 hours in advance.  If you don’t cancel and don’t show up to the appointment your voucher is then void.  The paid value doesn’t expire so you can set up another shoot and apply what you’ve paid towards it.


Recent feedback from customers –

She made a shift in her schedule to fit mine since she was booked for the next couple months; I really appreciated that! She was super nice and easy to work with.

Lana’s great!… easy to work with, laid back, gives some direction but not too much and offers assistance (like telling you if your hair looks better brushed one way or the other… many don’t, the just shoot what they see, good or bad.) Can’t wait to see my photos!

Lana is awesome and knows how to treat her customers. She was quick to respond and it was definitely worth the deal, Thanks!

We really enjoyed our photo session. Very talented photographer and great with kids! I would highly recommend her to everyone!

Amazing! Lana was so gracious and helpful. She made me feel at ease during the whole shoot. I’d highly recommend her.

She is awesome I would recommend her to anyone

Highly recommended photographer!

She was great- loved her!

Lana is great! Easy going. Very punctual!

Excellent!! Lana is so sweet and easy to work with.

She was very patient and friendly 😉

Lana was extremely professional and super friendly! She made us feel very comfortable taking pics during our shoot. Can’t wait to see the pics!!!

Loved her, she was very nice and worked well to give me what I wanted

We really enjoyed Lana, very patient, creative and very professional

So patient with our kids. Pleasure to work with.

Lana was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. I don’t like my picture taken and was so stressed out as I was in a rush that day. But she was great and got exactly the pics I wanted to send to my folks. Yay!